Residential, Commercial, Heritage, Childcare Centres
Level 2, 18 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

About Shield Group

Shield Group is a well organised, tasteful and reputable company associated with The Master Builder organisation. Shield Group has a wide skill set that is undeniable. Our initial specialty was to create beautiful Residential homes at a standard that you could feel within yourself when you enter one of our clients’ homes. We have since progressed forward to more light Commercial buildings and have brought our standards and raised them into this classification to create beautiful businesses from the Earth up. We stand by our qualifications, standards and our words when we say that we will give you more than a building, we will deliver a structure that is yours.

The buildings we build are carefully inspected by qualified inspectors who have always congratulated our teams for the status our buildings are finished. We have a close eye for detail, no room for error and a cost that makes our clients feel at ease. Whilst we endure construction we communicate to our clients of the progress, allowing this communication flow keeps the dynamic relationship honourable.

Our background in the construction industry is well sought after, we have delivered multiple residential homes, many office spaces, childcare centres, heritage renovations and we have moved towards apartment developments and other commercial buildings. Our teams have been sifted and well organised to ensure that we always have eye for detail, communicators, and liaisons at all times, with this careful procedure we leave no space for concern.

We currently have approximately 15 active sites moving towards completion, which for us is a constant, paced and simple process. Our busiest time of the year will push us to 30 active construction sites with the current staff member count. We aim to select more staff as we progress into a more established brand. We are currently working on Childcare Centres, Residential housing, and a few light commercial buildings (cafes, clinics, warehouse spaces and other renovations) We will always meet with our clients face-to-face to create a relationship that is genuine from the beginning, by doing this we not only get a friendship, but we receive positive criticism that will always bring us forward for reflection (we can then improve our business regardless of how small the statement may be).

Our site managers have carefully been selected specifically basing off their experience and creativity. We rely on the people to drive the projects forward therefore we have carefully selected our teams very strategically over the years of construction and project management.

Our building sites have a process which has a “bullet proof” structure. This system has been perfected over many years and we communicate this by adhering to our deadlines. We produce a seamless process for our clients to visualise and comprehend with comfort. From your preliminary design stage through to watering the freshly grown grass, our process of completion will be guided by the best and left in a lavish condition. We ensure our projects are well looked after, communication is key and to ensure that we comply with all New Zealand standards and maintain the clients’ standards to match.

We consider our staff to be easily reachable, twenty-four seven around the clock for any issues onsite and if our customers have any questions or concerns. We release this purpose to ensure that we are not only assigning a site manager, but a project manager and other quality control specialists are in the background maintaining the standards we set. We know that there may be items in our documentation that can be confusing or actions onsite that aren’t familiar which we are happy to deliver information at all times, we solely dedicate a team of quality control specialists to brand our buildings by its finish, by having the team members present for each and every milestone. Creating this insurance for our clients not only benefits them but it creates a balance for our teams to bring up their standards each and every day.

Our compliance team generated a process that enables owners to see their building completed and for their building to be documented and fully certified before the dedicated council recommendation. We have perfected this system and is a flawless procedure. Our current staff have maintained a relationship with the territorial authority over the years due to the continuous grade of buildings we have completed. Our team have all come from an onsite position therefore their knowledge alone is already very advanced and well appreciated from local authority. Creating these relationships is extremely beneficial for our teams and our reputation.

Our administration team has selected only the highest quality suppliers of material in New Zealand, we will continue to maintain using the highest quality material as we believe that the highest grade of buildings starts with the material. We have a wide selection of suppliers and dedicated specific task to each supplier as each supplier have their own specialties and contacts. Our current buildings clearly show the quality of what “building” means to us.