Residential, Commercial, Heritage, Childcare Centres
Level 2, 18 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, Auckland



Our clients can feel at ease knowing that our Quantity Surveyors have spent the time to create a perfect system for each and every project that is received.


Each and every project may have their own conditions and we are always ready to take the challenges that may occur. We will supply a full-proof timeline that satisfies our records and our clients opening dates.


All our staff have come from either Carpentry, Architecture or Engineering backgrounds and all have construction awareness. We ensure that our staff will be supported throughout the entire build process.


All Management staff are available around the clock twenty four hours, seven days per week. We also have emergency staff ready at all times to ensure that if any issues arise, that someone will be able to respond to prevent further misconduct.

High Grade Material

We only use the highest grade materials and are supplied by widely renowned suppliers such as Bunnings, Carters, Plumbing World and Timber King. We also have multiple other suppliers that also produce high grade materials and we will continue to use them for our clients assurance of trade.

Quality Assurance

We assure our clients that the quality work we produce is of the highest that they select. If they choose to want a higher grade, we are more than happy to make those changes as we take the reputation of Master Builders New Zealand.


Shield Group is a well organised, tasteful and reputable company associated with The Master Builder organisation. Shield Group has a wide skill set that is undeniable. Our initial specialty was to create beautiful Residential homes at a standard that you could feel within yourself when you enter one of our clients’ homes.

We have since progressed forward to more light Commercial buildings and have brought our standards and raised them into this classification to create beautiful businesses from the Earth up.

We stand by our qualifications, standards and our words when we say that we will give you more than a building, we will deliver a structure that is yours.


Additions to existing Childcare Centre
New Childcare Centre
Mount Roskill
Heritage/Historic Building Renovation with additional buildings attached.
1 New Childcare Centre (Front of property) 3 New Townhouses (Rear of property)
New Childcare Centre
New Childcare Centre